Mommy's birthday

Hi. It's Mommy here. It was my birthday on the 16th and we had a great day. Auntie Amy is here. She and Daddy took care of things so that I was able to relax and spend time with Mirah. Here we are resting. Mirah loves to hold up her little pinky. She placed it on my lower lip while I talked on the phone. What a funny girl!

Little Mirah got me a balloon and beautiful spring flowers!

We took Mirah to the Natural History Museum. I just wanted an excuse to stroll her around.
I kept saying look how cute Mirah looks here...... and over here.... and here!

Mirah saw a T-Rex

primate skulls

And bears..... Oh My!

It was a wonderful birthday. Thank you Nick, Mirah, and Amy!

Here's a video of Mirah playing with the balloon she gave mommy for her birthday.