Grandma Maddy's visit

Grandma Maddy came to visit!! It was Uncle Scott's birthday on the 11th so we went to New York to celebrate. Mirah went on her first subway ride, tried some watermelon (loved it), visited the giant FAO Schwartz toy store (fell asleep and we kept shopping much to U. Scott's dismay), rode on the carousel in Central Park (way too fast), and smiled at people on the subway. She liked the city because of all the people and things to see, but by the end of the day she was exhausted (mommy, too). After our nice visit with Scott and Adriana, we returned to CT. The fall colors were in full force and the weather was perfect. We took a walk at the beach, picked out a pumpkin at a pumpkin patch, ate peach pie (not Mirah, sorry honey), went shopping for Mirah, went out to eat, ate cupcakes while looking over the city (no cupcakes for Mirah, sorry again), hiked Sleeping Giant (Grandma was happy when that was over), ate homemade pumpkin ice cream at Wentworth's (definitely taking you there, M, for your first taste of ice cream someday...)and took some nice walks around our neighborhood. Mirah loved having her Grandma here. She was working on tooth #4 so somedays she wasn't feeling her best. Grandma loved her up and made her laugh. Mirah caught a few moments of Days of Our Lives with Grandma, too. (see pic on photos page). I sat her down while Grandma was watching. I ran around gathering M's things preparing to go out. She didn't move a muscle. Oh honey, I'm sorry but that is the last of "Days" that you will be seeing around here. Maybe you can catch some more at Great Grandma Gunlikson's someday. I think she watches it, too!
It was so nice to have Grandma here. We are so thankful for her visit.

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