Trip to the ER

We have finally returned from our great arctic adventure to North Dakota! Today it's cold in Connecticut, but it is still nothing compared to the frigidity that those tough folk have to endure. Enough about the weather now. Our time in Williston was wonderful. Mirah got to spend lots of time with all of her grandparents and great grandparents. Nick and I enjoyed loads of freedom as the grandparents were so eager to babysit. We had only one set back on the trip. Mirah's trip to the ER on Christmas Eve Eve. Here's the story.... My mom (Mirah, that's Grandma Maddy) teaches a spinning class that I loved attending. On the night of class, Nick offered to watch Mirah and my friend Melissa's girls (ages 3 and 16 months). Before we left for class I made Melissa's girls a quick snack. Peanut butter sandwiches (dun, dun, DUN!) I didn't think of the fact that Mirah could end up getting some of it. I feel like I should've, but I didn't. Class was great. When we got home Nick, his mom (Grandma Sue), and (Auntie) Amy were there. As soon as I walked in the door he says, "we've had a bit of an emergency." "What?" I asked. "Mirah has hives again." She's gotten them before, so I wasn't initially too worried. However, once I saw my poor baby girl's swollen face I became more concerned. We were to give her some Benadryl, but because the box isn't labeled for her age we weren't sure how much. After recommending the Benadryl to Nick, my dad (Grandpa Bill) stepped out to pick up his dinner. Nick realized he hadn't gotten the dosage information from him. From there, we call everyone in town whom we thought might be able to reach him. Calls were going all over the place and finally we got a dosage from the pharmacy, I think we also talked with Dr. (Great Aunt) Lenhart out in WI, too. After the Benadryl, not much happened. In fact, she starting coughing. At that point we were worried and decided to take her in to the ER. Also, by that time we had talked with G. Bill and he suggested giving her a little more Benadryl. We all jumped in G. Susan's very wonderfully accomodating Acadia and headed to the ER. Shortly thereafter, Mirah started to look better. She must have been feeling better because she got very talkative and animated. I think the Benadryl made her hyper. We had a couple nurses look her over and finally she got some Prednizone. The nurse said her airway was swollen, a sign of allergic reaction. Argh. We're not certain what caused it, but it is likely to be the peanut butter. I've always loved that stuff and now I can hardly eat it. Not knowing for sure, we are going to be safe and keep her away from nuts for a good long time. It will be a topic of discussion at our next Dr's visit. Luckily the Prednizone worked like a charm and by morning Mirah was chipper, welt-free, and ready to celebrate Christmas! Whew.