24 weeks doesn't equal 6 months, I guess

From the start I was figuring out Mirah's "month" age by dividing her "weeks" age by 4. That's starting to make less and less sense. Plus I don't like the time in between when she is, for example, six months in weeks (24 weeks) but not six months by the calendar (August 1st). It creates some sort of mental tension for me.

Mirah's now 24 weeks (not yet 6 months). Wow. These past weeks have been incredible. She changes so much everyday I won't be able to note ALL of the wonderful things she's been up to, but I will try.

So here we go little M, here's what you've been up to:

1. Sitting up. It's not completely official yet, but you've been known to sit up unsupported for several minutes. I still have to keep a hand close by as to thwart the inevitable face plant.

2. Roll over back to front. You know when a cat almost lands on its back but somehow flips itself over onto all fours? Well, when I place you down on your back now you flip onto your tummy almost that fast. I'm exaggerating but sometimes it seems that fast. This roll over has been causing some problems in the sleep department. Let me explain. Bed time. Lie you down on your back. Give you the paci. You fall fast asleep. A minute goes by I hear "ehh, ehh, ehh, ehh." Go to your room. There I find you face down with your arms straight out to the side flailing desperately. So I roll you over and give you the paci. You fall asleep. Repeat this again every couple of minutes for at least a half an hour then start all over three or four hours later. Let's just say it's been a long week of baby flipping.

3. Grabbing for everything. You make this very serious face of concentration now as you see something that you want to grab and you slowly move both hands toward it until you reach it. I think you are experimenting with your ever-improving binocular vision. It's very cute. We now have to be careful when we have you at the dinner table because you reach out and grab whatever is in front of you. Even though you've had rice cereal I don't you're ready for Masaman Curry just yet.

4. You can eat off a spoon. You have always been good at eating and you transitioned to the spoon very smoothly. I think you're willing to accept any method of getting food into your body. You've only had rice cereal at this point, but I plan to introduce you to more exciting things soon.

5. Laughing at funny word(s). You're first favorite word was "waffles." You pretty much thought it was hilarious. We loved it too, because we could get you to laugh just by saying it. You change fast and the past couple days we've tried to get a reaction out of you by saying "waffles" and you just give us the "that was so last week" look. Bummer. Hopefully we'll find a new funny word soon.

6. Fun in the tub. Bath time is now a fun time; even the getting out part. You have two favorite parts of bath time: sucking on your toes and watching water pour through your hands.

More recently (as in the past two nights)

7. Your sleep has been improving again. You've decided to stay on your tummy when you roll over at night. At first it made me nervous, but I watched you lift you head up and switch sides, so I think you've got it under control. Although I have caught you sleeping face straight down into the mattress. I'm not a big fan of that one, but I think you've got a hard enough nose to keep your airway open. Just don't make this one a habit.

The most likely reason for all the night waking was discovered yesterday....

8. I felt a tooth! You were chewing on my finger and "ouch!" I felt something sharp. I can't see it yet, but it's been confirmed but Dr. Uncle Mike. A tooth is emerging.

So, sweet M I think I covered the most important things you do these days. I really can't believe how quickly you have been growing and learning. It's exciting, but it makes us sad some days because it seems to be happening really fast.

Well, I better go and enjoy some quiet time before you wake up and need to be flipped.

love you.


p.s. lots of pictures coming really soon.