Happy Mama Day Recap

My first Mother's Day was wonderful. Here's a recap. Mirah and Daddy got me flowers and very sweet cards. We drove to my favorite open air flea market. Oops, it was closing and the vendors were packing up shop by the time we got there. Oh well. Mirah slept on the car ride there and then while we walked around and watched everyone packing up. Got some Kettle Corn, yes! However, Nick and I were hungry for real food at this point. We decide to stop at a mexican restaurant for lunch. I think to myself... " Umm, wait, Mirah's been sleeping for almost 3 hours, when she wakes up she's going to be ravenous and she's likely to cause a scene." Decision: Wake her up and feed her in the car and then go in to eat. She eats, but not a whole lot. Go in to the restaurant. Look over the menu. Mirah awake, but happy. Order food. Mirah going down hill. Nick takes her out of the car seat and holds her on his lap. Getting more cranky. Food arrives. Nick walks her around the restaurant to occupy her. I start scarfing my food. Yum, it's delicious. Stop, she's hungry for real, NOW. I decide to take her out to the car again (not wearing the best shirt for an attempt at public nursing). Mirah eats. She's still a bit cranky. Diaper change on lap in front seat. Nick calls from the restaurant. I tell him, "Ya, you better just get my food to go." He does. We head back to Hamden. I finish my meal. It still tastes good and it really doesn't bother me that I am eating it in the car. I think to myself, "I must be getting used to this mom thing, cuz so far this day's gone perfectly."