Just wanted you to know....

Hi Mirah,

I've got a lot of catching up to do here on this blog, but I just wanted to tell you a quick something. Last night I sat down at the computer to update your pictures and write a couple blog entries. To my horror, I opened up the blog document and........... NOTHING..........NO POSTS..............ALL GONE! I was shocked, worried, and trembling at the thought that all this work I've done here was gone. Your dad was in bed and I hesitated in waking him, but I was kinda freaking out. I told him what happened. I had to repeat myself several times and then he asked, "Where are we?" Poor dad was really out of it. I explained to him what happened and then I went out to see if I could come up with some panacea for the situation (cool word. still remember it from 8th grade vocab). I didn't expect Dad to get out of bed, I just needed to tell him what happened to see if he had any suggestions. Knowing me and how I am in the face of potentially great data loss, he stumbled out to my desk to help. With his tired eyes barely open and his face two inches from the screen (contacts out for the night, glasses, well....broken), he navigated around my hard drive trying to retrieve the missing posts, that is, all of them. I was feeling helpless and frantic, which made me particularly annoying. He still continued to search and search. We were able to pull the file 85% complete from my back-up hard drive. I've just finished copying from online and pasting into the document the small bit that was gone. And I've got it all back to together again. And now to my point, YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL FATHER AND I, A WONDERFUL HUSBAND. He would do anything for us. He never ceases to amaze me by how far he will go for his family. We are truly blessed. Just wanted you to know that.

love you,