Happy 8th months, Mirah Belle!!!

Hi Sweetie Pie,

You're napping now so I'm going to frantically try to get this post done. Wow. You are 8 months old. I just read what you were doing at 7 months and it seems like that was an eternity ago. Here's a recap of what's transpired since then and what's in the near future:

1. You sit up in your crib. I still remember the first time you did this. Daddy had put you down for your morning nap. We could hear you rustling around in your room suggesting that you were awake. He took a peek in to check and quickly he said to me, "you gotta see this..." I looked in and there you were just sitting up in your crib looking around. I could tell you were excited about your new found ability to get yourself up. I loved it so much that I got really excited and you kinda gave me the "I know it's cool, but, geez ma you it's not THAT big of a deal" look. Now it's a common occurrence to go into your room and find you just sitting there doing your baby thing.

2. Here's a big milestone- YOU ARE CRAWLING!!!!! It's been a long road and we've seen how determined you are. You stuck with it and now, girl, you're a mover. It was such an interesting process to watch. You had been looking like you wanted to move for some time. And you had some pretty interesting solutions. At one point you put together a series of rolls, pivots, and dives to get yourself somewhere (not sure if it was where you intended to go). Then your arms started to play an important role. The only problem was that they were pushing you backwards and away from your sought-after destination. This frustrated you. And you were not happy to find yourself halfway under the couch when all you wanted to do was get to your maraca. Before we left for Seattle you had made a couple tiny moves forward, but I'd say you hadn't gone any more that 12 inches with your left knee, right knee combination. It was clear though the you were getting it. Then one day I could see in your eyes that you had decided you were a mover. Your maraca was across the room. You REALLY wanted it. You were going to get it. Off you went. One leg (i think it was your right) was more dominant in the movements. The other just kinda came along for the ride. You looked a bit like a wounded soldier crawling across the battlefield, but with baby Bambi-like wobbliness. You stuck with it and soon you had the maraca in your hand. Way to go, M! Here's a pic showing you right after you made your big jaunt...


3. More teeth on the way. Yep, the two top ones are almost here. I can see them just under the surface. And oh, do we feel for you. It's obviously quite painful. These past few days you really seem to be feeling them. The last time your teeth were coming in I got no sleep because I was up all night with you in your room wondering why suddenly you forgot how to sleep. This time around I have a better understanding of what's going on. Daddy and I don't like to see you suffer so we comfort you the best we can. On the bad nights we cuddle you up with us in our bed. Then we all get some rest. It seems to be going much better this time around. I am so excited for you to get these top teeth. Way too cute!

4. You like books, but only certain ones. I know them well and we read them over and over again. Most I don't even need to look at anymore because I have them memorized. For my sake, I try to sneak in a new one every once in a while to mix it up, but you catch on and protest. If it's not one of your usuals I can't even get past page 2. You tend to like the ones that I sing or the ones in which there is something to touch. That is, with one exception....Good Night Moon. You love this book. I read it to you almost every night and you sit through the whole thing. Sometimes I read it more than once and you are still mesmerized. I don't know what it is, but it is a gem.

5. You love music. It always seems to lift your spirits. I realized yesterday that I need to make sure I give you a good dose of music everyday since you love it so much. Recently I've been caught up in the election and the all the other issues going on that I have been subjecting you to a lot of NPR. I know, you're mom is kind of a nerd. I'm hoping though, that I might be expanding your vocabulary and teaching you the values of intellectual discourse (ok, total nerd).

You are clearly an active participant in this world, little Mirah. Daddy and I realize this. Everyday we are trying our hardest to be the best parents that we can be for you. Unfortunately, though, we aren't perfect. You will find out later that not everyone has such a hard time finding their keys, or wallet, or cell phone. With all of our imperfections, though, we hope that you will also realize how incredibly much we love you.

Cheers to another great month with you, my girl.